Marrakech, Morocco

“Nikki Beach Marrakech”


Wanna try something new? Wanna dance under the desert sun?? sounds fun right? This is Nikki Beach at Marrakech, Marocco in Africa. Nikki Beach Marrakech charms by its magic concept in combination with stylish, white decors, a large pool and sounds of lazy soul and laid-back funk. If dancing and drinking only is not enough, this tropical oasis features also tennis and squash courts.

Kick back on your cabana bed, feel great and spy on the beautiful tanned people and dine on international food instead of another couscous. This poolside lounging place for wealthy Moroccans and sun-hungry travelers offers a yummy cocktail list and a perfect selection of wines.

Come here for a poolside lunch, soaking up the sun and escaping from the hurly burly of the Marrakech Medina. So what’re you guys waiting for? Join us!

“Nikki Beach Marrakech in Daytime”

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