Macau Escapade

Well, I had a great experience in this country.

Day 1

Walking around the City

First, Walking around the city is the best thing to do early in the morning,  for there’s no pollution, lots of trees and they have a good scenery. Don’t forget to wear a jacket because it’s winter here.  No traffics, no pollution, a little bit of smokers, well-cleaned places.

And after an hours of walking, we’re now craving for some foods, but we don’t where to go. So we ask a lot of people here where’s the best place to eat. And finally, someone led us into a fine restaurant after an hour of asking.

Eat All you Can Folks

And now we’re here, Btw I really don’t know what kind of food they’re serving, but its really damn Good!! There’s a lot of people eating in this place, this is a eat all you can Restaurant. As you can see in the picture that there’s a lot of meat ( My gosshh meat!! hahaha!) and also the desert is so damn good but i forgot to take some pictures of it. And if we’ll have the chance to eat again in this restaurant i’ll try to take a picture of that desert that I was talking about.


Galaxy Macau



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